Berigan Photo Search Project

I have been contacted by people from around the world about photographs of Bunny Berigan. Many people are curious about where photos of Berigan come from. The answer is that they come from everywhere. Very often, people who know nothing about Bunny Berigan discover that they have or know others who have pictures that are identified as of Berigan.
I would like to do whatever I can to gather these rare and in many instances unique photos, or at least gather copies of them, and see that they are properly identified and then sent to the Bunny Berigan archives located at the Mills Music Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. By doing this, we can preserve the legacy of Bunny Berigan for future generations.
Those having any information about either photographs or home or professionally made movies of Bunny Berigan should contact me at: Together, we can preserve these wonderful historical artifacts.
Michael P. Zirpolo

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