“Little Gate’s Special” (1939)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBq70Wo68Eo&feature=youtu.be Composed and arranged by Ray Conniff. Recorded by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra for Victor on March 15, 1939 in New York. Bunny Berigan, trumpet, directing: Johnny Napton, first trumpet; Jake Koven and George Johnston, trumpets; Ray Conniff and Bob Jenney, trombones; Gus Bivona, first alto saxophone; Henry Saltman, alto saxophone; Don Lodice, tenor... Continue Reading →

“Jingle Bells” (1935) with Benny Goodman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbE9bhcH_Kc&feature=youtu.be "Jingle Bells" Composed by J.S. Pierpont; arranged by Lyle "Spud" Murphy. Recorded by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra for Victor on July 1, 1935 in New York. Benny Goodman, clarinet, directing: Bunny Berigan, first and solo trumpet; Ralph Muzzillo and Nate Kazebier, trumpets; Jack Lacey and Red Ballard, trombones; Nuncio "Toots" Mondello, first alto... Continue Reading →

“Jelly Roll Blues” (1938)

https://youtu.be/tX41lJ7klxU "Jelly Roll Blues" Composed by Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton; arranged by Abe Osser. Recorded by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra on November 22, 1938 for Victor in New York. Bunny Berigan, trumpet, directing: Johnny Napton and Irving Goodman, trumpets; Ray Conniff and Bob Jenney, trombones; Murray Williams, alto saxophone; Gus Bivona, B-flat clarinet and... Continue Reading →

“The Prisoner’s Song” – live (1938)

https://youtu.be/UoZkbrHtInU Composed by Guy Massey; arranged by Dave Rose, revised in performance by Bunny Berigan and his band. Recorded by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra from a broadcast over the NBC Radio network program RCA's Magic Key of Radio on June 26, 1938 in New York. Bunny Berigan, first and solo trumpet, directing: Steve Lipkins... Continue Reading →

“A Fine Romance” (1936) Billie Holiday with Bunny Berigan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjRwnWuT78o "A Fine Romance" Music by Jerome Kern; lyric by Dorothy Fields. Head arrangement prepared in recording studio, probably by Berigan in consultation with Billie Holiday. Recorded by Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra for Vocalion on September 29, 1936 in New York. Billie Holiday, vocal, accompanied by: Bunny Berigan, trumpet; Irving (Prestopnik) Fazola, clarinet; Clyde... Continue Reading →

“Honeysuckle Rose” (1937) Jam Session at Victor

https://youtu.be/n7sHm1N1h-k "Honeysuckle Rose" Composed by Fats Waller.Jam Session at Victor, recorded March 31, 1937 in New York.Thomas "Fats" Waller, piano; Bunny Berigan, trumpet; Tommy Dorsey, trombone; Dick McDonough, guitar; George Wettling, drums. The story: Through the early weeks of 1937, Bunny Berigan, as usual, was very busy. His main occupation then was the ongoing development... Continue Reading →

“Skylark” (1942) Bunny Berigan with Danny Richards

https://youtu.be/jnXhehLKvN8 "Skylark" Composed by Hoagy Carmichael (music) and Johnny Mercer (lyric); arranged by Gene Kutch. Recorded by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra for Elite on March 11, 1942 in New York. Bunny Berigan, solo trumpet, directing: Kenny Davis (lead), Bob Mansell, Fred Norton, trumpets; Max Smith, Charlie Stout, trombones; George Quinty (lead alto), Walt Mellor (alto and baritone), Red Lange, Neal Smith (tenors), saxophones; Gene Kutch, piano; Tony Espen, bass;... Continue Reading →

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