Being and Nothingness* – The last recording of Bunny Berigan “I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)”-1942 Composed by Al Neiburg; arranged by Gene Kutch. Recorded in performance by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra on April 12, 1942 at the Nu-Elms Ballroom in Youngstown, Ohio. Bunny Berigan, trumpet, directing: Kenny Davis, first trumpet; Bob Mansell, Fred Norton, trumpets; Charlie Stout and Max Smith, trombones; George Quinty, first alto saxophone; Walt Mellor,... Continue Reading →

“Devil’s Holiday” (1938); and (1940) with Tommy Dorsey Composed and arranged by Benny Carter. Recorded by Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra for Thesaurus Transcription Service on June 27, 1938 in New York. Bunny Berigan, first and solo trumpet, directing: Steve Lipkins and Irving Goodman, trumpets; Nat Lobovsky, first trombone; Ray Conniff, trombone; Mike Doty, first alto saxophone; Joe Dixon, alto saxophone and... Continue Reading →

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